Comments, Compliments and Complaints

We provide a wide range of services to the people who live, work in and visit North Hertfordshire. Your feedback gives us an opportunity to understand how we can improve as well as recognise where services are valued. 

We have a robust Comments, Compliments and Complaints policy and ensure that all staff are familiar with this and trained to deal with complaints effectively.

What is a Comment, Compliment or a Complaint?


A comment is feedback or a suggestion often relating to an aspect of the services we provide. Comments are usually general in nature and not relating to a specific/individual matter. For example, "I would find it helpful if you had extended opening hours". Unless specifically requested, we will not usually reply to a comment but will keep a record of them. However, if a reply or further action is required then this will be actioned within 10 working days.

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A compliment is positive recognition or praise for a specific service or individual which is above and beyond a courteous thank you. For example "I would like to praise the member of staff who resolved my problem, they were professional, diligent and kept me informed on progress until they could fully respond to my enquiry. Please could you pass this onto their manager".

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We are committed to 'putting customers first'. However, we accept that occasionally you may be dissatisfied if you feel that we have got things wrong. Our complaints policy explains how we deal with complaints which is also summarised by the flow chart below: 

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To submit your Comment, Compliment or Complaint in writing, please send it to:

Customer Service Centre
Council Offices
Gernon Road
Letchworth Garden City

Report a fault or problem

Here are some examples of how to report specific faults or problems that may occur:

Report a missed bin

Gritting or street lighting enquiries (Hertfordshire County Council)

Challenge a penalty charge notice 

Report any other problem or fault

 For general assistance contact us here or call our Customer Service Centre on 01462 474000.