Comments, Compliments and Complaints

We provide a wide range of services to the people who live and work in North Hertfordshire. Your feedback gives us an opportunity to improve our services in order to meet your needs and also allows us to pass on congratulations when we exceed your expectations. Ensuring our services meet our customers' needs is the reason why we take comments, compliments and complaints seriously.

What is a Comment, Compliment or a Complaint?


A comment can be described as feedback or a suggestion expressed by a customer. Unless specifically requested, there is not an automatic assumption that NHDC will reply to comments. However, where it is felt appropriate or where the customer specifically requests a reply, this will be sent within 10 working days.


The new payment system does not give me the balance on my Council Tax account whereas the previous system did.

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A compliment is defined as a customer's statement of positive recognition or praise for a service or individual.


I would like to thank the member of staff that resolved my enquiry, they were professional, diligent and kept me informed on progress until they could fully respond to my enquiry.

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North Hertfordshire District Council is committed to 'putting customers first'. However we accept that occasionally you may be dissatisfied if you feel that we have got things wrong. For this reason we have a complaints procedure in place, which is to deal with and investigate your dissatisfaction as a formal complaint. All formal complaints will receive an acknowledgement within four working days and your complaint will be passed on to the appropriate staff member who will investigate and inform you of the outcome within 10 working days.


I have logged two requests for a call-back from a service area over a period of two weeks and to date I have not received a response from that service area.

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To submit your Comment, Compliment or Complaint in writing, please send it to:

Customer Service Centre
Council Offices
Gernon Road
Letchworth Garden City

Report a fault/problem

A problem or a fault can arise where you have identified that a service isn't working as it should. Examples of these and how they can be reported in the correct way to ensure they are dealt with swiftly and without delay are:

I placed my bin at the kerbside by 7am this morning, however my bin wasn't emptied

In order to get this issue resolved, please call our Waste Service Contractor on 0800 328 6023 so they can arrange for your bin to be collected.

My street hasn't been gritted /  A street light near my property isn't working / I would like to notify you of some repairs to a road

As the roads around the District are looked after by Herts Highways, please report the fault to them.

I have received a penalty charge notice (parking fine) for my vehicle, however I would like to challenge this

Challenge a PCN

To report a problem or fault of any other nature, please follow the link below. However if you are unsure of how to report a problem, please contact our Customer Service Centre on 01462 474000 where one of our advisors will be happy to help.

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