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Coronavirus: help with paying Council Tax and other services

If you're having problems paying your Council Tax, or making another type of payment to us (e.g. a Herts Careline invoice) due to the coronavirus situation, we can help you during this period.

We can offer smaller payment arrangements, or if your income has been significantly affected we may be able to offer deferred payments. Please be aware that if your payments are deferred, you may have a shorter period of time to pay. This will in turn increase your instalment amounts later in the year. 

It is important that you contact us to discuss this as soon as possible, so we can offer the right advice.

Calls from us about Council Tax payments

From 10 August we will be calling some customers who have experienced hardship during the last few months to help them get back on track with their Council Tax payments by setting up payment arrangements. 

If at any time you feel uncomfortable about giving out any personal details, please do not do so. You can ask to call us back directly to ensure that you are speaking with a genuine member of staff.

We may ask you to verify who you are and ask you about the payment history on your account to verify that we are talking to the correct person. We will NOT ask you for your date of birth.

These calls aim to help customers get back on track with their Council Tax payments before we revert back to issuing any statutory notices.

Council Tax

For help with Council Tax, please contact the Revenues Team on 01462 474595.

Sales invoices

For help with payments like sales invoices, please contact the Sales Ledger Team on 01462 474241 or 01462 474512.


If you have lost your income or your income has significantly reduced, you may be entitled to claim Council Tax Reduction. Apply online to start your claim

If you are unable to work and need help with housing costs, you can claim Universal Credit