Severe Gales and Power Cuts

In the event severe gales are forecast

  • Remove or secure loose items from the outside of your house that could cause damage
  • Close and secure windows and doors
  • Bring in children and pets
  • Park your car in a garage if possible, if not move your car away from trees, walls, buildings etc

During a storm

  • Stay indoors
  • If you have to go out stay away from trees, buildings or walls
  • Do not drive unless absolutely necessary
  • If you have to drive take care when driving on exposed roads, be aware of side winds particularly if driving a high sided vehicle or towing.

Power cuts

The UK's electricity network is built to be resilient but extreme weather can affect overhead power lines. Below is some advice from UK Power Networks on how customers can prepare for a power cut; further advice can be found on their website.

105 is a new three-digit number for people to call to report a power cut. The number is free of charge and will put you through to your local electricity network operator who can give you help and advice.

The public should stay well clear from power lines. Anyone spotting a damaged power line on the ground or hanging low should report it to UK Power Networks via the freephone number 105. Please treat electricity cables as live, stay away and call UK Power Networks immediately. If you see electricity lines that are down or causing significant risk to the public please call 999.  To report any power cuts and damaged overhead cables or lines please use the freephone number 105. Updates can be found on twitter @ukpowernetworks

  • Remember never to put yourself in danger and to alert the emergency services if a dangerous situation arises
  • Keep the UK Power Networks Freephone number handy (105)
  • Keep spare batteries for radios and torches - local radio stations often broadcast helpful information
  • Keep an old-fashioned corded phone which you can plug in, as cordless phones won't work in the event of a power cut
  • Dress warmly in several layers of clothing, stay in one room or even get into bed
  • Take care if using candles, tea-lights and other naked flames
  • Keep fridges and freezers closed, with a blanket over as they will stay cold for many hours
  • Switch off all your electrical equipment, except one light which will let you know when the power comes back on
  • Remember the street lights may also be off so take care if you go out
  • Look out for elderly neighbours; please consider taking them round a flask of hot water or hot food

UK Power Networks - Priority Services Register

For people that may need extra support during a power cut, visit the UK Power Networks website for information on their Priority Services Register.

Who can register to receive extra support?

  • Customers who rely on medical equipment
  • Customers who are chronically ill
  • Customers with a disability
  • Customers who have dementia
  • Customers who are blind or partially sighted
  • Customers who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Customers who are of pensionable age
  • A nursing or residential home
  • Customers with children under five in their household
  • Any other case that you would like UK Power Networks to consider

After a Storm

  • Do not touch any electrical or telephone cables that have been blown down
  • Stay away from walls, buildings and trees that may have been damaged / weakened by the winds
  • Check vulnerable family members or neighbours are safe or if they need assistance