If you are homeless or worried about becoming homeless, contact us as soon as possible using our Housing Assistance Referral Portal

Please read the information on this page carefully as it outlines the type of assistance we can offer you. More detailed information is set out in the leaflet below.

Important! As a first step, please view the map to check that you have a local connection to North Hertfordshire. We have a duty to assist you to prevent homelessness regardless of any local connection. However, if you are homeless now, and you do not have a local connection to North Herts, it is advisable that you contact your own local authority directly as we will usually refer you to the authority where you have a local connection.

To establish a local connection to North Hertfordshire, you need to: 

  • have been resident in North Herts by choice for six out of the last 12 months or three out of the last five years; or
  • be employed in North Herts (casual employment does not count); or 
  • have a close family member who is resident in North Herts and has been resident here by choice for the last five years for example, mother, father, sister, brother, adult son or daughter; or 
  • have another special reason why you need to live in the district.

Visit the Housing Assistance Referral Portal

We stand a much better chance of being able to help you the earlier you get in touch.

In cases of real emergency only, we can be contacted outside of office hours on 01462 420600.

How we will help

If you are threatened with homelessness or are homeless, we will work with you to help you to try and secure accommodation. This could be accommodation in the private rented sector, lodgings, supported or hostel accommodation, or accommodation with family or friends. 

If you qualify for social housing, we will help you to apply. Demand for social housing is very high however, and you are likely to face a long wait for accommodation, dependent on your circumstances.

Once we have assessed your housing situation, we will produce a personal housing plan with you. This will set out the steps that the Council will take and those that you will be expected to take to try and resolve your housing situation. 

These steps might include mediation with family or friends, negotiation with your landlord, support to claim benefits, advice on tenancy rights or debt, or help with securing accommodation in the private rented sector.

The duty to accommodate

The Council only has a duty to find you settled accommodation if we believe that you are in priority need. This may be because you have dependent children with you, you are pregnant, you are a care leaver or you are vulnerable for some other reason.

You are likely to be housed initially in temporary accommodation until we are able to find you settled housing, which may be either social housing or accommodation in the private rented sector.

Children aged under 18

Children under the age of 18 are still the responsibility of their parents. If you are aged under 18 and are worried about homelessness, the Council will work closely with Herts Young Homeless and Hertfordshire County Council’s Children’s Services to help you to remain in the family home wherever possible.

More information

The support that the Council gives you is set out in law and there are certain steps and processes that legally we must undertake. Homelessness law is very complex and our housing officers will do their best to explain it to you.

In the meantime, the leaflet on the Council’s duties provides a short summary that you may find useful.

We have also produced other leaflets (below) which you might find helpful.