Housing Need in North Hertfordshire

Affordability and the Local Housing Market

The demand for housing in the district is high and market cost housing is increasingly out of reach for many households. Households who are without adequate housing and who cannot afford to buy or rent suitable housing in the open market are said to be in housing need. The Council is committed to meeting this housing need through the provision of affordable housing in the district.

Strategic Housing Market Assessments

In order to establish the extent of housing need in the district, and the type of housing required to meet this need, the Council undertakes regular district wide assessments of the local housing market.

Parish Housing Needs Surveys

The Council supplements data from the district wide housing needs surveys, with more localised information from surveys carried out in parishes. These are conducted in partnership with Parish Councils and the Countryside Development Agency's Rural Housing Enabler. Recommendations from the most recent surveys can be downloaded below.

North Herts Private Sector Housing Research

The Council conducts periodic research into the condition of the private sector housing stock in the district as part of its statutory duty to keep local housing conditions under review. Findings from these surveys provide a key evidence base for Council strategies for private sector renewal and improving energy efficiency.

The most recent research was completed in September 2015 and was carried out by the Cambridge Centre for Housing & Planning Research at the University of Cambridge.