We manage 11 allotment sites in Hitchin and Letchworth. Only residents living in North Hertfordshire can apply for an Allotment Plot.

Letchworth Hitchin
Hillbrow  Burford Way
Norton Old Hale Way
Pryor Way Pirton Road
Radburn Way Ransoms Rec

How to apply

Each allotment site's page shows the location of the site, and lists any plots which are currently available. It is best to go and view the available plots as they are 'sold as seen', using the attached map (PDF).

Once you have found your preferred plot, please contact us with the details.

Prices for 2019/2020

Full Plot: £140.00 (Concessionary: £70.00)

Half Plot: £70.00 (Concessionary: £34.50)

Concessions are available if you are over 60 years of age, unemployed, receiving disability benefit or income support or are a full-time student over 18 years of age.

If you have received an invoice for your allotment, you can pay online.

Subsidised Compost Bins

The Hertfordshire WasteAware Partnership provide home compost bins to Hertfordshire residents at subsidised prices, these can be really useful on an Allotment Plot.

Other Allotments

Baldock Allotment and Leisure Gardener's Association (BALGA) manage Allotment Sites in Baldock.

Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation (LGCHF) also run additional allotment sites.

Royston Town Council allotment sites is located in Green Street. They can be contacted on 01763 245484.

A number of Parish Councils run their own allotment sites; please contact them directly for availability.


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