Fees - Alcohol Licensing

Fees for licence applications have been set by central government to recover licensing authorities’ costs of administrating, inspecting and enforcing the new regime.

Licence application fees


In certain cases, applications for a premises licence or club premises certificate which relate to the provision of regulated entertainment only are exempt from the requirement to pay the fee associated with that provision. The Licensing Act sets out cases where this exemption applies:

a) In a case of an application by a proprietor of an educational institution in respect of premises that are or form part of the educational institution –

(i) that the educational institution is a school or college; and
(ii) the provision of regulated entertainment on the premises is carried on by the educational institution for and on behalf of the purposes of the educational institution; or

b) That the application is in respect of premises that are or form part of a church hall, chapel hall or similar building or a village hall, parish hall or community hall or other similar building.

If however the licence also authorises the use of the premises for the supply of alcohol, or the provision of late night refreshment, a fee will be required for those activities.