Electric Vehicles

NHDC received a grant from Government via the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) towards the installation of electric vehicle (EV) recharging points located at six locations within the district, five of which are available for public use.

Installing EV recharging points in the district should encourage the use of more sustainable forms of transport in line with our Climate Change Policy and Local Air Quality Management responsibilities.

Location of the recharging points

Electric vehicle recharging parking bays for public use are in the following long stay car parks:

Each recharging point has the facility to recharge two EVs at the same time and so two side by side parking bays will be designated for EV recharging at each car park.


If you would like to use these electric vehicle charging points you will need to register online with CPS GENIE. Any vehicle that is licensed with the DVLA as a pure electric or a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle can join the scheme. This includes motorbikes, cars, vans, trucks and scooters.


Until notified otherwise by North Hertfordshire District Council there will be no requirement to pay a parking fee for the use of the EV recharging bay during the stay, provided that the EV is plugged into the charging post. Nor, until further notified by the charging point network provider ‘Source East’, will there be a charge for the electricity used.

A maximum stay limit of three hours is imposed on the EV recharging bays, however this should be sufficient time to achieve a reasonable charge. If parked in any other parking bay, EV owners will be expected to pay and display a valid parking ticket for the length of their stay. All usage charges and restriction policies will be reviewed on an annual basis. Any changes will be communicated through the NHDC website.

Further Information

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles and the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders together with five car manufacturers have launched the Go Ultra Low Campaign. The campaign aims to provide a one-stop hub for everything you need to know about ultra low emission vehicles to demonstrate that they are a real choice for motorists today.