Parking Enforcement

To avoid getting a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), please ensure when you are parking that you have checked the signs, lines and notices on the street.

In off street car parks, ensure you pay to park where appropriate, and if using permits ensure you park in accordance with the terms and conditions that apply to that permit.

Responsibility for managing parking

Local councils (including us) are responsible for managing, directly or indirectly, all on-street and some off-street parking.

The Road Traffic Act 1991 (RTA) enabled local authorities to enforce the management of parking. The Traffic Management Act 2004 (TMA) provides a single framework for the civil enforcement of parking, bus lanes and some moving traffic offences. This is applicable only to on-street parking and car parks owned by local Councils. It does not apply to car parks owned by the private sector, unless they are regulated by an order made under S35 of the Road Traffic Act Regulation Act 1984.

10 Minute Grace Period in Parking Bays

We will give a 10 minute grace period to vehicles parked in designated parking places, when the period of permitted parking ends. If a vehicle is parked legally in a designated parking place when it is initially parked and stays beyond the permitted parking period, then the 10 minute grace period will be given before a Penalty Charge Notice is issued.

The 10 minute grace period applies only to designated parking places in the following instances:

  • upon expiry of a paid for session during controlled hours (e.g. expiry of a ‘pay & display’ ticket)
  • upon expiry of a permitted ‘free’ parking period during controlled hours (e.g. in a ‘maximum stay’ bay)

The 10 minute grace period does not apply to anywhere outside of a designated parking place (e.g. on double yellow lines, single yellow line, loading bans etc), or where a vehicle is parked without permission in a designated parking place during controlled hours (e.g. without a permit, without a Blue Badge or without having made payment).

Penalty Charge Notices (PCN)

A parking ticket (or PCN) will be issued if a restriction is contravened. Read more about Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs). Civil Enforcement Officers have no quotas or targets to meet and are not given any bonuses for issuing tickets.

The Police will continue to enforce other traffic offences which can result in penalty points on a driving licence. This includes dangerous parking, causing an obstruction, parking on pedestrian crossings and all moving traffic offences.

Civil Parking Enforcement Annual Report

As part of the Traffic Management Act 2004, we produce an annual Civil Parking Enforcement report. The most recent report is available to download below.

Revenue collected from on-street and off-street parking

Off-Street Parking Actual 2016/17
Gross £2,225,286
Provision for Bad Debt £60,998
Net £2,164,287


On-Street Parking Actual 2016/17
Gross £515,107
Provision for Bad Debt £78,490
Net £436,616