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Royston Parking Review

Various parking issues have been raised by members of the public across Royston. These were identified during a series of workshops that North Hertfordshire District Council held with local members, County Councillors, members of Royston Town Council, the Town Centre Manager representing Royston First, and representatives from Hertfordshire Highways and the local police.

Issues identified directly by members of the public have been incorporated into this study.

We have undertaken a review of these parking issues under a programme titled the Royston Parking Review and split them up into a series of schemes.

There are four schemes in total. The following streets will be included:

Scheme 1: York Way Industrial & Rock Road Residential Area

Residential roads

  • Minster Road
  • Willowside Way
  • Rock Road
  • Orchard Way
  • Phillips Avenue
  • North Close
  • Weston Avenue
  • Rose Walk
  • Old North Road between Orchard Road and York Way

Commercial roads

  • York Way
  • Newark Close
  • Beverley Close
  • Greenfield
  • Orchard Road

Scheme 2: Review of Certain Restrictions in CPZ Zone B (Gower Road, Queens Road & Mill Road Area)

  • Clark Road
  • Gower Road
  • Leete Place
  • Mill Road
  • Morton Street
  • Queens Road
  • Queensway
  • Serby Avenue
  • Stamford Avenue
  • Victoria Crescent
  • Tichmarsh Close
  • Major Haddock Close
  • Evans Close
  • Green Street
  • Gage Close
  • Kingsway
  • Ermine Close

Scheme 3: Princes Mews and Briary Lane Area

  • Princes Mews
  • Coronation Avenue
  • Heath Avenue
  • Baldock Street
  • Stake Piece Road
  • Lankester Road
  • Days Close
  • Earls Hill Gardens

Scheme 4: Parking Restrictions to be considered in Eastfield Road off Newmarket Road

  • Eastfield Road

If your road is not included in the Review and you wish to request new parking restrictions, you can apply for a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO).