Parking Strategy

Current Strategy

The Council’s current approach to parking issues in North Hertfordshire is set out in a ten year Strategy and Action Plan. The strategy covers all aspects of parking, including on-street, off-street (both charged for and free), town centres, residential areas, parking for Blue Badge Holders and, in general, the management and enforcement of parking in the District.

The Council has an agreement with Hertfordshire County Council that permits it to initiate, implement and enforce waiting restrictions on the highway. Parking controls that are required for safety reasons remain the responsibility of the County Council to implement and the District Council to enforce. A copy of the Strategy and Action Plan is available to view below.

Strategy Review

The Council is in the process of undertaking a full review of its Parking Strategy, and has appointed consultants to assist with the review. This is a two phase process.

  • The scope of Phase 1 was to review and provide advice on parking tariffs to inform the Council’s budget setting process for 2017/18 – this has been completed. A copy of the Phase 1 Report (February 2017) is available to view below.

  • The scope of Phase 2 is to address and consider wider parking provision and management issues across the District and to review the Council’s policies in the current Parking Strategy with suggested recommendations. A draft Report (April 2018) has been prepared and is available to view below.

The Council is in the process of reviewing the Parking Strategy and officers will be reporting on a draft Strategy to NHDC's Cabinet towards the end of this financial year i.e. by March 2019.

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