Submit a Local Land Charges Search

You can submit a Local Land Charges Search through the Public Access for Local Land Charges system (PALC). PALC provides a totally electronic official search service, connecting users directly to land and property information held by the Council.

Submit a Local Land Charges Search online

Create an account and you can start submitting and receiving your searches electronically. Registration is easy and you can complete your application form, upload supporting documents and pay fees online. Please ensure you upload a copy of the plan (preferably an Ordnance Survey extract) showing the full extent of the area to be searched upon edged in red.

A Local Land Charges search can be submitted by the following methods:

PALC – Public Access for Land Charges
NLIS - The National Land Information Service
TM Search – TM Group

North Hertfordshire District Council
Local Land Charges
PO Box 10613
DX 324201 Nottingham 59

Additional Enquiries

Details of charges for any additional questions can be found on the fees page.

The Council can provide information relating to planning applications within a 50 metre radius of the property being searched.

Visit Property Based Contaminated Land Enquiries for any queries relating to contaminated land on or around a property subject to a search.

Cancelling a Search

Requests will be considered individually depending on the status of the search.

If your search has been submitted via NLIS or TM Property Services, please contact your channel provider promptly.