London Luton Airport Expansion

What is the London Luton Airport expansion project?

The owner of London Luton Airport (London Luton Airport Limited, also known as LLAL) is proposing to expand the airport in terms of the number of passengers and flights it can handle.The airport currently has capacity for 18 million passengers per year, and it is close to reaching this capacity. As such the owner plans to expand to deliver greater capacity. By 2040, the number of passengers will progressively increase to 32 million passengers a year.There are no plans to build a new runway. Instead, the proposals are to make best use of the existing runway by building a new terminal, infrastructure, public transport facilities, and improvements to roads and highways.

What is the relationship between the airport and Luton Council?

London Luton Airport is owned by London Luton Airport Limited (LLAL). LLAL is wholly-owned by Luton Council, making it the only major airport in the UK that is entirely in public ownership.The board of directors of LLAL includes elected councillors and specialist advisory members.The airport is operated under a concession until 2031 by London Luton Airport Operations Limited, which is an entirely separate company.

What is the consultation about?

Because this airport expansion is a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project, the decision on whether to allow the project to go ahead will be taken by the national Planning Inspectorate and the Secretary of State for Transport.The consultation is on a set of proposals covering the new infrastructure that would be built, how it would be built in phases over time, and how construction would be managed.To find out more about the project proposals, you can read the Guide to Statutory Consultation, available on the website and at document inspection venues at many of the region’s council offices and libraries. The detailed technical documents will also be available to read.The consultation will not cover flightpaths, because these are decided nationally through a separate process. It is also not a referendum on whether the expansion will go ahead or not. As well as the opportunity to respond to this consultation, the public will have a further opportunity to make representations to the government on the proposals when they are submitted next year.

Consultation details

The Consultation runs from Wednesday 16 October to Monday 16 December 2019

There will be 34 consultation events across Luton, Hertfordshire, Central Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire, running from 25 October to 7 December. At these, you will be able to speak to the project team, read information about the proposals, and leave feedback. You can also view consultation material at Document Inspection Vanues (including NHDC's Council offices in Letchworth). You can also find all the documentation on the website and leave feedback online.

Further details about the Consultation, including dates and times of the consultation events can be found in the Newsletter below.