The Council monitors a number of different indicators and targets across the district to aid with future planning decisions and identification of local priorities. This information also provides a useful evidence base on which to review policies based on their level of success.

Annual Monitoring Report

The Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) reports on a number of things, including:

  • contextual and core output indicators - including business development, housing, transport, local services, flood protection, biodiversity, renewable energy and gypsies and travellers
  • the performance of policies in the adopted Local Plan
  • whether we are still on track with regard to the Local Development Scheme and
  • deficiencies in the scope of current monitoring and how it will be improved in the future.

The AMR is produced by the Planning Policy and Projects Group. AMRs produced since 2014 can be found below. The AMRs that have been produced since the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 are available on request.

Housing Delivery Test Action Plan

The Housing Delivery Test (HDT) is a new requirement of national policy. The Action Plan details the steps being taken to improve housing delivery in the District. The first HDT results were published in February 2019. 

The Council’s HDT Action Plan is available below. This was approved by the Council’s Cabinet in June 2019.