The Council monitors a number of different indicators and targets across the district to aid with future planning decisions and identification of local priorities. This information also provides an useful evidence base on which to review policies based on their level of success.

Annual Monitoring Report

The Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) reports on a number of things, including:

  • contextual and core output indicators - including business development, housing, transport, local services, flood protection, biodiversity, renewable energy and gypsies and travellers
  • the performance of policies in the adopted Local Plan
  • whether we are still on track with regard to the Local Development Scheme and
  • deficiencies in the scope of current monitoring and how it will be improved in the future.

The AMR is produced by the Planning Policy and Projects Group. The 2013-2016 AMRs can be found below. The AMRs that have been produced since the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 are available on request.

Employment Monitoring

The Council has monitored indicators associated with employment for a number of years. By monitoring these indicators it has been possible to obtain information on the general employment situation in the district including the potential number of jobs, changes in unemployment and vacancies, development proposals, and an assessment of employment potential from committed and completed employment generating floorspace.

Recently a greater emphasis has been placed on an understanding of economic development. Therefore, in addition to the employment related indicators, the more recent monitoring reports will include a wider understanding of the economic geography and the various influences affecting the economic environment in the district also.

Town Centre and Retail Monitoring

This is the fifth Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) which North Hertfordshire District Council has produced on Town Centre and Retail uses. In 2008-09 the monitoring was undertaken as Part of the Nathanial Lichfield Partnership (NLP) Town Centre and Retail Study.

The basis of much of the information contained in the report is a survey of town centre units in the four main centres: Hitchin, Letchworth Garden City, Baldock and Royston. Surveys of all units in the four main town centres have taken place in since 2004.

The report contains a section on each of the four towns, analysing matters such as the type of uses in the centre, the type of occupiers, vacancies, unit sizes, types of A1 retail uses, and capacity and completions of all town centre uses.

This year there is also some contextual information on the health of the town centres in response to the indicators in Annex D of PPS4 (Planning Policy Statement). There is also information on the districts local, neighbourhood and out-of-town centres.