Abandoned Shopping Trolleys

If you wish to report an abandoned shopping trolley, please call the relevant registered store below:

  • Marks and Spencer (Hitchin) - 01462 458583
  • Morrisons (Letchworth) - 01462 680668
  • Sainsbury’s (Letchworth) - 01462 482082
  • Sainsbury’s (Hitchin) - 01462 454833
  • Tesco (Baldock) - 01462 667400
  • Tesco (Royston) - 01763 829400
  • Waitrose (Hitchin) - 01462 423399
  • Wilkinson (Hitchin) - 01462 457171

Registered stores will collect abandoned trolleys within 48 hours of notification.

If the store is not registered with us, please contact us.

If you are a store who would like to register with the abandoned shopping trolley collection scheme, please get in touch. Please note that we would require a telephone number which we could publicise on this web page. Failure to collect the trolley within 48 hours of notification will result in the Council collecting it and reclaiming costs for the collection and disposal of the trolley.

Luggage trolleys

If you wish to report an abandoned non-motorised luggage trolley, please contact us.