Street Litter

Our waste contractor removes litter and empties public litter and on-street recycling bins across the district. If you notice an overflowing litter bin, you can report it to us online:

Report an overflowing litter bin

Alternatively you can call our contractor on 0800 3286023.

On-street recycling

Many of the common items of litter such as drinks cans, plastic bottles and cardboard are recyclable and just as you do at home these can be placed in special on-street recycling bins so residents and visitors can when they are out and about. Letchworth, Hitchin and Baldock all have recycle ‘on the go’ bins and we are currently looking into options to increase on street recycling in other areas of the district.

Smoking waste and gum bins

We have also provided chewing gum and smoking litter bins in the main town centres to help reduce these common types of litter and keep the streets clean. Please make use of these bins for your gum and butts.

Organise your own litter pick

We recognise that community groups including schools, Scout and Guide groups, adult organisations such as WI and Rotary Clubs, and annual organised community clean ups add a huge amount of value to looking after and improving our local environment.

If you are part of a community group, school or are organising a community ‘tidy up’, we have developed a toolkit you can download from this page to help you plan and run your community litter pick successfully.

We also have litter picking and graffiti removal equipment available to loan, free of charge, to community groups on request. This equipment is available to borrow on a first come first served basis. We require a completed equipment booking form and a minimum of two weeks' notice before your event to organise equipment.

Book your community litter picking equipment online

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