Street Litter

Our partnership with Veolia provides a scheduled and responsive street cleansing operation, please contact 0800 328 6023 if you have any service requests or queries.

On-street recycling

We are improving access to recycling for residents and visitors in North Hertfordshire. In Letchworth Garden City, you will find bins that collect paper, food and drinks cans and in Hitchin we have recently introduced dual litter/recycling bins where you are able to dispose of cans, plastic, card and glass and litter in twin compartment bins.

We are currently assessing these operations and looking to implement in other town centres in North Hertfordshire.

Smoking waste and gum bins

NHDC has placed new bins in the main town centres to collect chewing gum and smoking related waste to help keep our streets clean. The new bins will be attached to walls, fences or lamp posts in high usage areas.

Community litter picking initiatives

NHDC can help community groups who wish to hold litter picking events and have developed a litter picking toolkit to assist.

For more information please contact the Waste Services team on 0800 3286023.

NHDC Litter Picking Toolkit226.7 KB