Report a Missed Bin

Before reporting a missed bin collection, please check that:

  • Your bins were out by 7.00am
  • Your bins were on the property boundary
  • It was the correct collection day
  • You haven’t received a sticker on your bin to say there are incorrect items in your bin

If all of the above apply, then please report it using the form below:

Report a missed bin collection

Alternatively you can call 0800 328 6023 (between 9am - 5pm Mon-Fri) as soon as possible.

Missed collections must be reported within two working days. If you do not report your missed collection within two working days, you must wait until your next scheduled collection, i.e. in two weeks' time, or take your waste to a Household Waste Recycling Centre.

We aim to collect any missed bin or container reported to us within two working days.

What if my bin has a sticker on it?

If the wrong materials are found in your recycling containers, the bin/box will not be collected. A sticker will be placed on the relevant container explaining what the incorrect item is, and you will also be sent a letter to clarify this.

If this happens, please remove any items which are not accepted and put your containers out for collection on your next scheduled collection day (i.e. in two weeks' time). We cannot return to empty your containers before this time.

Procedure for incorrect items

The Council operates a procedure for when incorrect items are found in recycling bins / containers:

First Incident

A sticker will be placed on your bin and a letter will be sent informing you of the correct procedures, explaining why your bin could not be collected and how this can be rectified. If rectified your bin will be collected on your next scheduled recycling collection day (i.e. two weeks later, not the next working day).

Second Incident

On the second occasion, your bin will not be collected and a second incident letter will be sent to you informing of the correct procedures, explaining why your bin could not be collected and how you can correct the issue.

Third Incident Letter

On the third occasion your bin will not be emptied. A third incident letter will be sent to you asking you to contact us so we can discuss the issue and provide further advice.

Your purple refuse bin will still be emptied every fortnight, providing the lid is closed. No additional side waste will be taken.

If in doubt about what can go in your bins have a look at our A-Z of household waste and recycling

Disruption to service

Sometimes delays or disruptions to waste collections can occur due to weather conditions, road closures or vehicle breakdowns. Subscribe to our text alert service to find out about disruptions to the waste collection services, alternatively you can follow @NorthHertsDC on Twitter for live updates.

Frozen bins

Unfortunately the contents of the brown bin can become frozen in very cold temperatures. The crew will place the brown bin on the lifting equipment and try to empty it, however should the contents remain frozen and stuck in the bin there is little else the crew can do. Please note in this instance we are unable to return until your next collection.

During cold weather, you can take a few simple measures to reduce the risk of your bin becoming frozen:

  • If you have a lot of garden waste, do not compress it into your bin.
  • Loosen the contents by sliding a spade or similar between the contents and the inside of the bin.
  • Store your bin in a warmer spot, for example, in a shed or garage, or beside your house.  Please remember to place it on the boundary by 7am on collection day.
  • Try to fill your bin as near to the day/time collection as possible.