Houses: Waste and Recycling service

Collection information

Your rubbish bin and your recycling containers are collected on alternate weeks.

Check your your bin collection day

On your collection day please ensure:

  • Your containers are out by 7am
  • Your containers are placed at the front boundary of your property
  • Your rubbish bin does not have anything in it which could be recycled
  • Your bin lids are closed

What goes in my bins / boxes?

Please note all bins should contain the correct items. Bins which contain incorrect items, also known as contamination, will not be collected.

Your purple bin is for non-recyclable rubbish e.g. nappies or crisp packets – the general waste that ends up in landfill.

Your grey bin is for mixed recycling including some plastics (bottles, lids, tubs, pots and trays only), cartons, glass, cans, cardboard and brown paper (but not other paper). All mixed recycling must be placed in the grey bin loose. No carrier bags must be used. Please do not place hard plastic such as toys or garden furniture or plastic film in the bin as it will not be collected.

Textiles (clothes, bed linen, curtains, towels, paired shoes) should be placed in tied plastic bags (not black sacks) at the side of your grey recycling bin. Please note we are unable to collect rugs, duvets or pillows.

Household batteries (AAA, AA, B, C, D) should be placed in tied plastic bags and placed on the lid of your grey recycling bin for collection. Please note we do not collect car batteries.

Your blue box is for paper (magazines, newspapers, white printing paper, no brown paper please) - keeping it separate from the other recycling maximises its value.

Your brown outdoor caddy is for food waste only. This is collected weekly.

Your brown wheelie bin is for garden waste (no soil) only. Please note this is a chargeable service which you need to sign up to by following the instructions on our New Garden Waste Collection Service page. If you have signed up to the chargeable garden waste service we recommend you label your brown bin clearly with your house number to ensure your bin is easily identifiable for collection.

If you live in a flat please go to our flats recycling pages.

For a comprehensive list of where material should go please see our A-Z list.

Got extra waste and recycling?

Mixed recycling: If your grey bin is full you can put extra recycling in a recyclable container e.g. cardboard box or paper bag next to your grey bin, on your usual collection day. The whole container and contents will then be recycled. If you use a non-recyclable container (e.g. plastic storage boxes or old recycling box) the contents will be emptied and the container left. Please do not use plastic carrier bags.

General waste: We do not accept additional general waste next to your purple rubbish bin. Extra non-recyclable waste can be taken to your nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Food waste: Households with six or more permanent and full time residents can request a second outdoor brown food caddy. Call our waste contractor on 0800 328 6023 to apply or use the extra waste capacity application form (below).

Assisted collections

If you are elderly, infirm or have a disability and cannot put your waste containers at the edge of your property, please contact us to discuss the possibility of having an assisted collection on 0800 328 6023.