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Interactive play, coming to a park near you!

12 April 2022
Bancroft play arch
The new sound and dance arch at Bancroft in Hitchin

New interactive play equipment for children in each of our four main towns – Hitchin, Letchworth, Baldock and Royston – will be opening over the next few months:

  • a sound and dance arch at Bancroft has opened in Hitchin
  • multipurpose compact sports area at Jackmans Central, Letchworth, due in May
  • interactive play pillars with arcade-like touch areas at Holroyd Crescent, Baldock, due in April
  • a large ball wall with 16 screens at Serby Avenue, Royston, to go adjacent to the existing sports wall in the centre of the open space, due in April.

We have consulted with local residents about each piece of interactive play equipment. Following some concerns raised in Hitchin, we have turned the volume of the sound and dance arch down to minimise any impact on neighbours at Starlings Bridge. The volume and operating hours are easily adjusted and it is being closely monitored.

In addition, at Priory Memorial Gardens in Royston, work is underway to replace the large multi-activity and climbing tower with a larger slide.

Bancroft play arch

Local user Matylda, aged 6, said: "It's so fun, it's very different to other play equipment. I love playing all the different games and dancing to the music, it's so cool."

Andrew Mills, Greenspace Service Manager, said: “We regularly review our play provision in the district, to see how we can improve what we have and ensure it is well maintained.

“The new interactive play equipment is great fun and some of the latest equipment on the market. We hope children of all ages enjoy using it throughout North Herts.” 

The total cost of the four pieces of interactive play equipment is £221,657 which is being funded from the council’s play area capital investment budget and installed in line with guidance from the manufacturers.