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Living lawnmowers return to Baldock's nature reserves

25 June 2021
Longhorn cattle

PR Date: Friday, 25 June 2021 - 11:00am

Baldock’s Weston Hills and Ivel Springs Local Nature Reserves are welcoming the return of grazing livestock.

English Longhorn cattle have already arrived at Weston Hills to graze the northern and southern slopes, with a flock of sheep due to arrive in early July. The livestock will be taking up temporary residence at Weston Hills until September.

Longhorns will also arrive at Ivel Springs in early July and will remain there until September, grazing the pasture land next to the main entrance to the site.

Both nature reserves are owned by North Hertfordshire District Council (NHDC), whose Grounds team work closely with the Countryside Rights of Way Service to manage the sites, bringing livestock to graze there each year.

NHDC also owns Oughtonhead Local Nature Reserve in Hitchin, which has resident Longhorns grazing at the site all year round.

Grazing is beneficial to grass meadows, helping to keep them healthy and diverse, allowing biodiversity to thrive. Longhorn cattle are specifically chosen to graze these sites due to their docile nature in the presence of people.

Cllr Steve Jarvis, NHDC’s Executive Member for Environment said: “We are always pleased to welcome back the cattle and sheep to Baldock nature reserves. Grazing the sites is very beneficial for biodiversity and they always prove very popular with visitors, so it is a win all round. We ask that people are respectful of the cattle and sheep and to always keep their dogs under control and on lead when walking near them.”

To find out more about these nature reserves visit our webpages for Ivel Springs  and Weston Hills.