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Local Land Charges Fees

Our Local Land Charges Fees are set out in the tables below.

Local Land Charges Fees include VAT, following HMRC's decision that CON29R and CON29O products are subject to VAT. The statutory LLC1 Official Certificate of Search is not subject to VAT.

A VAT receipt will be included in the search results.

Table of fees

Type of Search Fee (£)  Standard VAT (£) Fee including VAT (£)
LLC1 Only (VAT exempt)19.00  Not Applicable19.00
LLC1 Additional parcels of land1.00  Not Applicable1.00
Con 29 Only Residential75.0015.0090.00
Con 29 Only Commercial85.0017.00102.00
Full Residential Search (LLC1 & Con 29) 94.0015.00109.00
Full Commercial Search (LLC1 & Con29)104.0017.00121.00
Con29 Optional Questions 4 - 218.001.609.60
Con29 Optional Question 2224.004.8028.80
Con29 Additional parcels of land13.002.6015.60
Written Additional Questions (excluding contaminated land)15.003.0018.00

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