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Making a Listed Building Application

Applying for a Certificate of Lawfulness of Proposed Works to a Listed Building

This provides formal confirmation that the proposed works for alteration or extension (but not demolition) do not require listed building consent. The application form must be accompanied by:

  • the appropriate plans drawn to scale; and
  • a statement explaining why the applicant believes the proposed works would not affect the character of the listed building(s)

There is no fee for submitting a lawful certificate application.

There are two major considerations about making an application:

If your proposal needs planning permission and listed building consent, you should use the appropriate form on the Planning Portal that covers both applications. There is a separate form for applying for listed building consent only.

Together with the appropriate forms and plans, your application will need to accompanied by a Design and Access Statement which includes evidence of your understanding of the significance of the building and how your proposal affects this.

There is no fee for submitting a listed building consent application.

Pre-application advice

The Council offers a chargeable pre-application advice service to anyone wanting help with advice on carrying out works to a Listed Building before the submission of an application.

When a building is listed, it is a criminal offence to carry out works that affect its architectural or historic character without the approval of the District Council. You could be liable to prosecution and/or be made to rectify what you have done. The maximum penalty can include unlimited fines or imprisonment. Therefore, it is important to get it right and make an application for all the relevant works to your listed building.