NHDC invites responses on the Local Plan Main Modifications - consultation extended until 4 March 2019

PR Date: 
Wednesday, 2 January 2019 - 3:15pm

The independent Inspector appointed to examine the Local Plan for North Hertfordshire issued North Hertfordshire District Council (NHDC) with his proposed modifications to the plan in November 2018 and these were published on the Council’s website on Monday 19 November 2018.

This marked a key step in the Examination of the Plan which began in June 2017. The Inspector had considered responses received during consultation on the draft Plan as well as the many issues raised by the Parish Councils, residents and local interest groups who participated in the Examination hearings that concluded in early 2018. He identifies a number of modifications that should be made to the Plan before it can be recommended for adoption.

NHDC is consulting on the Local Plan Main Modifications from Thursday 3 January to Monday 4 March 2019. This consultation also provides the opportunity to comment on the additional work produced by the Council in support of the Examination in Public and following the hearing sessions. Details of the consultation are available at: www.north-herts.gov.uk/localplan

The Main Modifications have been considered by the Council's Cabinet at a special meeting on Monday 10 December 2018. At this meeting, Cabinet approved consultation on the Local Plan Main Modifications.

The key changes and themes in the Schedule of Modifications recommended by the Inspector include:

• Setting more requirements in the policies that developments on the Plan’s proposed housing sites will need to meet before planning permission for new homes can be granted

• Reflecting new evidence produced during the examination to address the concerns raised. This includes recommendations from a proposed new Transport Strategy that will sit alongside the Plan; and

• Updating the Plan to ensure it reflects the most up-to-date information.

The Inspector’s recommendations do not require any change to the overall number of homes being planned for the District. No new housing allocations are to be deleted or added. The overall direction of the Plan remains largely unchanged from the version which the Council agreed to send to the Government for examination in April 2017.

Cllr David Levett, NHDC’s Executive Member for Planning, Enterprise and Transport said: "This consultation takes us one step closer to securing an up-to-date Plan for North Hertfordshire which will help us manage how our area grows and changes in the future. We encourage people to submit their views for the Inspector to consider before he issues his report."


NHDC is inviting responses on the Local Plan Main Modifications consultation