NHDC promotes the use of cleaner, greener taxis

PR Date: 
Thursday, 22 August 2019 - 9:00am

North Hertfordshire District Council (NHDC) is introducing subsidised licensing fees for hackney carriages and private hire vehicles that use clean fuel.

Subsidised fees will take effect from 1 September and will mean cheaper licensing fees for electric and hybrid vehicles.

The introduction of these subsidised fees aims to encourage the use of licensed vehicles which are less harmful to the environment, and means that licensing fees could be slashed by up to 50%, depending on what type of fuel the vehicle uses.

As part of its ongoing work to tackle climate change, the Council is also currently considering several other environmentally friendly options for hire vehicles including:

  • Supporting the purchase of electric or hybrid hire vehicles
  • Installing home charging points for hire vehicles

  • Providing electric charging points near taxi ranks

  • Introducing ‘no idling’ conditions for taxi ranks

These initiatives from the NHDC Licensing team follow on from the declaration of a Climate Emergency by the Council in May this year. As a result of this declaration, a Cabinet Panel was set up to consider and investigate a range of climate and environmental issues within the local community.

Cllr Gary Grindal, NHDC’s Executive Member for Environmental Health said: "The Council are looking closely at ways that we can help to combat climate change. Making changes to the licensing for hire vehicles and encouraging cleaner transport on our streets, is one small step that in the long-term, will have a big impact on our local environment. We look forward to working with hackney carriage and private hire vehicle owners to make this happen."

To find out more about taxi licensing in North Hertfordshire go to: www.north-herts.gov.uk/home/licensing/taxi-licensing

NHDC cuts taxi licensing fees for cleaner fuel vehicles