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Paynes Park Planning Brief

The Council considers that there is potential in the Paynes Park area of Hitchin town centre for redevelopment, in order to make better use of the land, and improve the physical environment.

In order to promote this, the Council has produced a Planning Brief. The purpose of the Planning Brief is to provide planning guidance for the regeneration of the area. This Brief will give broad guidelines on what kinds of development would be acceptable.

The Planning Brief covers the following aspects: current and future land uses; design and conservation; movement and accessibility; environmental improvements; landownership, implementation and review. Appendices include: planning policy and guidance, relevant documents and planning obligations and other requirements.

The Planning Brief was out for public consultation from 25 October to 3 December 2004. It was adopted as the Council's policy for the Paynes Park area in January 2005.  


Paynes Park location

Paynes Park sites

Paynes Park constraints