Evidence Base - Background Papers

This section contains background papers (or links to them) used in preparing the Local Plan. We also publish an Annual Monitoring Report (below) at the end of each calendar year.


Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment - November 2014
North Hertfordshire District Council

A revised Strategic Housing Market Assessment was prepared jointly for North Hertfordshire District Council and Stevenage Borough Council by Opinion Research Services and published in June 2015.  In line with the National Planning Policy Framework and national guidance, the Council has been working with six other authorities to identify ‘functional’ and ‘best fit’ housing market areas in Bedfordshire and surrounding areas. The study was published in December 2015. These reports are available at the foot of this page.


Employment Land Review - February 2013
Regeneris Consulting


Town Centre and Retail Study - March 2011
Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners

Landscape and design

Landscape Sensitivity and Capacity Study - November 2006
North Hertfordshire District Council

Landscape Study (Character, Sensitivity and Capacity) - 2011
This was prepared to help ensure that future development is well situated, sensitive to its location and contributes to environmental objectives.

Urban Design Assessment - September 2007
Urban Practitioners


Strategic Flood Risk Assessment - July 2008

Green Space Study - August 2009
Land Use Consultants

Green Infrastructure Plan - August 2009
Land Use Consultants

Water Cycle Studies
Prepared for Rye Mead and Royston area