North Herts Landscape Study

Landscape Character is defined as ‘a distinct, recognisable and consistent pattern of elements in the landscape that makes one landscape different from another, rather than better or worse’.

Landscape Character Assessment is a tool to identify what makes a place unique. Further assessment on the sensitivity of a landscape identifies how suitable it is to accommodate development. Assessment on capacity identifies what type of development may be appropriate. By paying proper regard to the character of a place, its sensitivity and capacity, we can ensure that future development is well situated, sensitive to its location and contributes to environmental, social and economic objectives.

A set of guidelines is provided for each area that will help to guide appropriate development within the Character Area. Where Character Areas extend outside of North Hertfordshire, the guidelines only apply to land within North Hertfordshire.

North Hertfordshire Landscape Study (Character, Sensitivity and Capacity) is a large file and so has been split into a number of smaller files for ease of use.

1.0 Introduction2.05 MB
2.0 Physical Features of Landscape3.44 MB
3.0 Historical and Cutural Influences61.38 KB
4.0 Methodology151 KB
5.0 Landscape Character Areas65.99 KB
Blackmore End Plateau Area 34739.92 KB
Datchworth Settled Slopes Area 37763.79 KB
Middle Beane Valley Area 39177.16 KB
Codicote Bottom Arable Valley Area 132175.4 KB
Danesbury Rabley Heath 133715.81 KB
Buckland Plateau Area 144171.81 KB
Upper Quin Valley Area 145206.7 KB
Peters Green Plateau Area 200743.67 KB
Kimpton and Whiteway Bottom Area 201730.49 KB
Breachwood Green Ridge Area 202745.13 KB
Whitwell Valley Area 203782.96 KB
Codicote Plateau Area 205742.82 KB
Knebworth Area 208711.51 KB
Almshoe Plateau Area 209710.6 KB
Langley Scarp Area 210774.33 KB
Offley - St Pauls Walden Area 211 789.38 KB
Lilley Bottom Area 212755.58 KB
Chilterns Scarp Area 213653.6 KB
Langley Valley Area 214801.01 KB
Wymondley and Titmore Green Area 215699.54 KB
Arlesey - Great Wymondley Area 216810.4 KB
River Oughton and Purwell Valleys Area 217727.51 KB
Pirton Lowlands Area 218 761.58 KB
Baldock Gap Area 219755.16 KB
Weston Park Area 220695.74 KB
Upper Beane Valley Tributaries Area 221718.74 KB
Weston - Green End Plateau Area 222758.85 KB
Wallington Scarp Slopes Area 223666.67 KB
North Baldock Chalk Uplands Area 224766.61 KB
Hinxworth Lowlands Area 225662.72 KB
Steeple Morden Area 226667.4 KB
Odsey - Royston Area 227728.42 KB
Scarp Slopes South of Royston Area 228754.7 KB
Therfield - Reed Plateau Area 229671.85 KB
Barkway Plateau Area 230655.67 KB
Nuthampstead Area 231704.84 KB
Barley Scarp Slopes Area 232702.03 KB
Appendix A110.03 KB
Appendix B69.98 KB
Landscape Character - District Plan748.72 KB