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Latest News and Updates

  11 Dec 2017

The hearing sessions timetable has been revised to include an additional 3 days from 23 January - 25 January inclusive for Session 21 Air Quality and the continuation of Matters 6 and 7. Additional reserve sessions have also been programmed for 19 - 22 March in case these are needed. The entire revised timetable can be seen under the Hearing Sessions tab and each individual week can also be viewed under the appropriate week number. 

ED15 20 Oct 2017

Following a number of comments that not enough time had been set aside in the hearings session timetable for discussion of issues, the Inspector has agreed to re-schedule the hearings sessions. A revised Programme has been issued.

As a result of the changes to the timetable, the deadlines for hearing statements has been adjusted are as follows:

Weeks 1, 2, 3 and 4: Deadline for hearing statements: 5.00pm, Friday 3 November 2017

Weeks 5 and 6: Deadline for hearing statements: 5.00pm, Friday 12 January 2018

ED14 19 Oct 2017 The North Hertfordshire Transport Strategy October 2017 has just been submitted to the examination and can be viewed at ED14 in the examination documents.
  25 Sep 2017

The dates for the hearing sessions have now been confirmed and the Inspector has issued his Programme, Matters and Issues and Guidance Notes for the hearing sessions.

ED7 Sep 2017

SoCG  Between NHDC and St Albans District Council (PDF, 237KB)

ED8 24 Sep 2017

Programme Officer notification of hearing sessions to all respondents to the consultation on the pre submission draft of the Local Plan (Reg 19) (PDF, 69KB)

  12 Jan 2018 The Council has submitted a note to the Inspector on Air Quaility as well as a number of reference documents which will be relevant for the Air Quaility hearing session on 23 January. All the documents (ED62 to ED70) can be viewed in the Examination Documents.