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Latest News and Updates

  11 Dec 2017

The hearing sessions timetable has been revised to include an additional 3 days from 23 January - 25 January inclusive for Session 21 Air Quality and the continuation of Matters 6 and 7. Additional reserve sessions have also been programmed for 19 - 22 March in case these are needed. The entire revised timetable can be seen under the Hearing Sessions tab and each individual week can also be viewed under the appropriate week number. 

ED15 20 Oct 2017

Following a number of comments that not enough time had been set aside in the hearings session timetable for discussion of issues, the Inspector has agreed to re-schedule the hearings sessions. A revised Programme has been issued.

As a result of the changes to the timetable, the deadlines for hearing statements has been adjusted are as follows:

Weeks 1, 2, 3 and 4: Deadline for hearing statements: 5.00pm, Friday 3 November 2017

Weeks 5 and 6: Deadline for hearing statements: 5.00pm, Friday 12 January 2018

ED14 19 Oct 2017 The North Hertfordshire Transport Strategy October 2017 has just been submitted to the examination and can be viewed at ED14 in the examination documents.
  25 Sep 2017

The dates for the hearing sessions have now been confirmed and the Inspector has issued his Programme, Matters and Issues and Guidance Notes for the hearing sessions.

ED7 Sep 2017

SoCG  Between NHDC and St Albans District Council (PDF, 237KB)

ED8 24 Sep 2017

Programme Officer notification of hearing sessions to all respondents to the consultation on the pre submission draft of the Local Plan (Reg 19) (PDF, 69KB)

  12 Jan 2018 The Council has submitted a note to the Inspector on Air Quaility as well as a number of reference documents which will be relevant for the Air Quaility hearing session on 23 January. All the documents (ED62 to ED70) can be viewed in the Examination Documents.
  14 Feb 2018 The delayed hearing session covering Matter 11 Oaklands, Offley, Pirton and Preston has been re-scheduled for the afternoon of Thursdsy 28 February. A revised Programme has been issued.
  23 Feb 2018 Three supplementary Statements of Common Ground  have been posted on the website which are relevant to the hearing session being held on Monday 26 February.
ED106  between NHDC and Picture SRL relating to  GA2 Land North East of Stevenage.  ED107  between NHDC and Croudace relating to site GA1 Land North of Stevenage.
ED108 between NHDC and Gladman Developments relating to land at Knebworth.
  28 Feb 2018

The hearing sessions timetable has been revised to include an additional 2 days.  The continuation of Matter 10 Baldock (including Bygrave) Sites BA2, BA3, BA4, BA5, BA6, BA7 and BA11 and Matter 10 Luton & Cockernhoe, Inspector’s matters and issues 10.28 Green Belt will be held on Monday 26 March 9.00 am start.  

The hearing session for Knebworth will now be held on the morning of Thursday 27 March. 

The hearing sessions on 26 and 27 March will be held in the Council Chamber, Council Offices, Gernon Road Letchworth Garden City, SG6 3JF. 

The hearing sessions reserve days of 19th -  22nd March inclusive have been cancelled. 

  24 Mar 2018 An addtional hearing session has been scheduled for the afternoon of Tuesday 27 March to examine the proposed site allocations in Hitchin. This session will follow immediately after the hearing session examining heritage assets associated with the proposed site allocation at Great Ashby GA2.
  10 Apr 2018 At the end of the hearing sessions on 27 March the Inspector set out the next steps in the EiP of the Local Plan. A note has now been prepared and this can be viewed in the examination documents ED130.
  22 May 2018 An extra sheet (ED14A) relating to the NHDC Transport Strategy (ED14) has been published.  Both documents should be read together and can be viewed in the examination douments.
  6 June2018 The Inspector has published a note (ED132) to  update his earlier note (ED130).  The updated note concerns the timings for his invitation to representors to submit statements  on documents which they have not yet had the opportunity to comment on in writing.  The updated note can be seen in the examination documents.
  23 Jul 2018 The Inspector has issued an update to his earlier note concerning the next steps in the EiP of the North Herts Local Plan.  This document can be viewed in the Examination Documents (ED133).
  24 Jul 2018 Audio recordings for most of the Local Plan Hearing Sessions are now available from the Hearings Timetable web page. Due to a technical fault there are some sessions where there is no recording available, these are highlighted on the page.
  12 Oct 2018 An update on the Examination is now available here or in the Examination Documents reference ED134.
  30 Oct 2018 The Inspector has issued an update concerning the next steps for the Examination. This can be viewed in the Examination Documents (ED160 and ED160A).
  19 Nov 2018 The documents prepared by the Council in response to the Actions arising out of the Hearing Sessions are all now available and can be viewed under the Examination Document tab references ED137 to ED158.

Consultation on the Main Modifications and evidence base documents submitted by the Council during the examination is now taking place.  Information can be accessed on the Main Modifications and Additional Work page or via the Main Modifications and Additional Work Produced by the Council tab on the Local Plan Examination page.

  23 May 2019 The Inspector is currently reviewing and considering the representations made in response to the recent consultation on draft Main Modifications, of which there are many, and evidence produced during and after the hearings.  Only once he has completed this will he be in a position to indicate the way forward for the Examination and the likely timescales.
ED166 11 Jul 2019

The Inspector has written to the Council to set out the next stages of the examination. The letter can be viewed in the Examination Documents (ED166).

ED167 1 Aug 2019

The Council have responded to the Inspector’s letter of 11 July (ED166) and their reply can be seen at ED167 in the examination documents.

ED168 9 Aug 2019 The Inspector has written to the Council to set out a number of additional questions. The letter can be viewed in the Examination Documents (ED168).
ED169 1 Oct 2019 The Council’s response to the Inspector’s letter of 9 August 2019 (ED168) can be viewed at ED169 on the Examination Documents page.
ED170-ED176 9 Dec 2019

The Council’s further responses to the Inspector’s letters 9 July (ED166) and 9 August (ED168) can be viewed in the Examination Documents at ED170-ED176.  The Inspector is not inviting or accepting comments on these documents until he has prepared his Matters, issues and Questions for the additional hearing sessions. He is intending to have these available in late January, when the Programme Officer will contact all those who responded at Regulation 19 and/or to the Main Modifications consultation, to give them information on the submission of hearing statements, the Hearing sessions Programme and details of how to register to take part in the hearing sessions. 

ED177 10 Dec 2019 The Council have submitted a further document in response to Q6 of the Inspector’s letter of 9 August (ED168). The document, which includes a Statement of Common Ground between NHDC and Hertfordshire County Council covering education matters, can be viewed in the Examination documents at ED177.
ED178 17 Jan 2020 The Council have submitted an updated 5 Year Housing Land Supply Paper which can be viewed in the Examination documents at ED178.
  22 Jan 2020 Following the consultation on the Main Modifications and associated documents, the Inspector has arranged dates for further hearing sessions which will take place during week commencing 16 and week commencing 23 March 2020. More details about the Further Hearing Sessions
  2 March 2020

Hearing statements submitted in response to the Inspector’s MIQ’s for the March hearing sessions are now available on the Hearing Sessions page. There may be additional hearing statements uploaded following the two further deadlines for hearing statements of 8th and 12th March.

  2 March 2020 Please see the Further Hearings sessions page for information on two additional Hearing days to be held in April.
  13 March 2020 The Inspector has cancelled the hearing sessions scheduled to take place during w/c 16 March, w/c 23 March and 7/8 April due to the situation with COVID-19. The Inspector's note is available in the Examination Documents at ED184.
  18 March 2020 The hearing statements which had the deadline of 12 March have now been uploaded and can be viewed on the Further Hearing Sessions page.
  6 May 2020 NHDC has set out its position concerning the Green Belt evidence informing the Local Plan following the recent judgement in Supreme Court. (Samuel Smilth Old Brewery and others v North Yorkshire County Council). The Council's note can viewed in the Examination documents at ED185.