Further Main Modifications 2021

Inspector’s proposed Further Main Modifications and Additional Work produced by the Council 2021

The Inspector has issued a schedule of proposed Further Main Modifications to the emerging Local Plan. This follows the further examination hearing sessions held between November 2020 and February 2021. The schedule is put forward without prejudice to the Inspector’s final conclusions.

There is to be a public consultation on the schedule and the Inspector will take into account all of the representations made in response to it.   

A meeting of the Council’s Cabinet on 16 March 2021 approved a public consultation upon these modifications and other relevant documents. The dates of the consultation are to be confirmed but will take place after the planned local elections in May 2021.  

Consultation will take place on the Inspector’s proposed Further Main Modifications as well as any additional documents that have been submitted to the examination by the District Council which have not been subject to discussion at the further hearing sessions or that the Inspector considers need to be consulted on. 

The Inspector will not be accepting any further documents, representations or other materials at this time. Any further representations can only be submitted in response to the consultation once it has started. Any material submitted outside of the consultation will be returned.  

A schedule of the Inspector’s proposed Further Main Modifications is below. Further documents and information on the consultation will be added to this page once available.