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Previous Local Plan Consultations

To inform the preparation of the new Local Plan plan, three consultations were held between 2013 and 2015. 

Housing Options Growth Levels and Locations: February 2013

The consultation document asked about the overall level of housing growth that the district should see over the period to 2031. The document included possible housing sites which could be developed to meet housing targets. The consultation period ran between 11th February and 28th March 2013.

Housing Additional Locations Options: July 2013

During consultation on the Housing Options Growth Levels and Locations 2011 - 2031, a number of additional sites were formally suggested to the Council as alternatives to those listed in the consultation paper. The consultation period ran between 5th July and 2nd August 2013.

Preferred Options: December 2014

The Preferred Options plan set out suggested land allocations and policies for the District to meet a target of 12,100 homes for the District as well as unmet needs from neighbouring Luton. The consultation period ran between 18th December 2014 and 6th February 2015.

Representations can be made available by contacting us.