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Strategic partnerships

Hertfordshire Growth Board

Hertfordshire Growth Board is the way the county is now working together to manage growth. With the Hertfordshire population expected to rise by up to 175,000 by 2031, at least 100,000 new homes and jobs will need to be created over the same period. This brings opportunities and challenges. Hertfordshire Growth Board is ready to respond.

Hertfordshire Growth Board is made up of the County Council, the 10 district and borough councils and Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership. Working together is how we continue our ‘joint’ success and create opportunities for everyone, now and in the future. This joint committee was set up in late 2020. The Terms of Reference can be found here - HGB - Keep Updated: Access Hertfordshire Growth Board Papers and Key Documents. Together we are committed to working together to deliver an ambitious growth agenda to support a thriving economy, with affordable housing, a sustainable transport network, excellent schools and healthcare facilities. 

Keep up to date with progress: on Twitter @hertsgoodgrowth and LinkedIn @hertfordshire-growth-board

North Hertfordshire Partnership

There are currently 13 member organisations of the North Hertfordshire Partnership (NHP). Meetings take place on a bi-annual basis to progress the area vision ‘to make North Hertfordshire a vibrant place to live, work and prosper.’

The accompanying 'Actions and Measures of Success' document demonstrates how the partnership have contributed to these aspirations. Between 2010 and 2015, the Partnership distributed the Central Government Performance Reward Grant (PRG).

The Health and Wellbeing Partnership is the one remaining sub-committee of the NHP. This committee meets quarterly and is made up of 18 organisations.