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What you can expect from us

Where a name and full address is provided, we will acknowledge your complaint by post or email within 10 working days, providing the name and contact number of the officer who will be dealing with it.

  • We will keep you updated with any significant developments in our investigation throughout the enforcement process.
  • We will ensure that you are informed of the outcome of our investigation and explain when we cannot take any action.
  • We will carry out our duties in accordance with central and local government guidance.
  • We will carry out our investigations in a helpful and courteous manner, applying the principles of proportionality, consistency and transparency and encouraging negotiation where appropriate.

Further information on enforcement of planning applications can be obtained from the Planning Portal.

The Planning Enforcement Team will follow the procedures set out in Appendix E of the Corporate Statement of Enforcement Policy (attached below) and advise you of the outcome of their investigations as soon as possible.

Appendix E sets out the priority that the Council will attach to enforcement matters and the associated timescales for the initial stages of investigation work.

Planning Compliance Policy