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Annual clean for River Hiz in Hitchin

The river Hiz

The annual cleaning of the River Hiz outside St Mary’s Church and Peppermint Court in Whinbush Road, Hitchin, is scheduled to take place the week starting Monday 23 January.

These sections of the river operate via a ‘balancing tank’ system which, with the use of sluice gates which help retain river water in those sections, create a visually appealing, deeper river in the centre of town. The silt and sludge in the tanks, if not removed, can obstruct the flow in the tanks. General rubbish will also be removed from these sections of the river.

The water will be drained on Friday, 20 January, and refilled from Friday, 27 January, following completion of the works.

Sarah Kingsley, Place Director, said: “This annual work is important in maintaining the river in the centre of Hitchin, helping it to flow freely, helping maintain it as a vital habitat for ducks and other birds and wildlife, and visually appealing. The work will take place during the day and will cause minimal disruption to the surrounding areas.”

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