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Are you recycling paper properly?

Bin operative collecting a blue box of paper from the kerbside

North and East Herts Councils are encouraging residents to do their bit to help the environment and keep service costs down by separating their paper from their mixed recyclables and general waste.

Recycling paper correctly uses much less energy than making paper from scratch. By following the council’s ‘Recycle Right’ guidelines and keeping paper separate in your (blue) paper recycling box and free from contamination, it is more easily turned into new products, which in turn helps reduce the cost of providing these services to residents.

In 2022/23, North Herts and East Herts residents recycled 2,084 tonnes of paper. Despite these efforts, a substantial amount of paper is being put in refuse bins or the (purple) mixed recycling bin.

Paper – such as magazines, brochures, catalogues, newspapers, printer paper and white envelopes (even with windows) – is loaded into its own compartment in our recycling vehicles and transported to Palm Recycling who turn it into newsprint and other paper products.

Cllr Amy Allen, Executive Member for Recycling & Waste, said: "Recycling your paper separately is really easy and important. We’re asking residents to check their paper recycling habits and use a separate box, which in return we’ll get money to put back into the service, keeping the costs down. Plus you’ll have more room in your recycling bin for cardboard, plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays, tins, cans, and glass.

“So please dig out your blue box or order one online or give us a call. We all need to do our bit for the environment and recycling more of our household waste in the right way is an easy starting point.”

Top tips for recycling paper in your (blue) kerbside box:

  • Keep your paper separate – there’s no need to put your box out for every collection if it isn’t full.
  • Keep it dry – no need to put your box out if it’s raining, save it for another collection.
  • Please prevent litter – put shredded paper in a paper bag in your box and avoid putting your box out on a windy day.
  • Please put brown envelopes (even with windows) with cardboard in your mixed recycling bin. 

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