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Brooches Wood

Brooches Wood

Brooches Wood is an area of ancient woodland, meaning that there have been trees there for at least 400 years.

Many trees growing at the wood were planted for timber after the Second World War which is why there are many conifers and sycamore. Native tree species like hornbeam and oak are being encouraged to grow, with wildflower glades in between.

Look out for the Hornbeam "coppards" along the boundary of Cleveland Way. These would have originally been coppiced - cut down to the ground, but later allowed to grow taller and pollarded, cut higher up so the growing shoots are out of reach of animals such as deer.

Woodland walk

This Great Ashby Woodland Walk leads you around the Great Ashby Estate, taking in five woodlands managed by us. Four of the woodlands have their own short route for you to explore.

Great Ashby Woodland Walk


If you would like to be involved with the management and maintenance of Brooches Wood, please visit the Countryside Right of Way Service.


Parking is available at the community centre off Great Ashby Way, SG1 6NH


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