Claypit Hill, Great Ashby


Parking is available at the community centre off Great Ashby Way, SG1 6NH


Claypit Hill’s Spring has a lot of dead wood on the floor. This might look untidy, but it is home to lots of small creatures. Inside the logs and under the bark you might find woodlice, beetles, spiders and insect larvae. When a tree dies, the dead wood is a perfect place for fungi to grow.

The wood is slowly eaten by mini-beasts, and rots back in to the soil, releasing its nutrients for other trees to use. Spaces created mean sunlight can reach the woodland floor. Wild flowers bloom, providing nectar for insects like butterflies and bees. Over many years, tree seedlings will grow up blocking out the light, and the whole cycle starts again.

Woodland Walk

This Woodland Walk leads you around the Great Ashby Estate, taking in five woodlands managed by NHDC. Four of the woodlands have their own short route for you to explore.

Map - Great Ashby Woodland Walk (726 kb)


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