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Council statement on Ukraine

02 March 2022
Ukrainian flag web

The Managing Director at North Herts Council has made a statement on the situation in Ukraine.

Anthony Roche, Managing Director at North Herts Council, said: “The thoughts of the council are with all those in Ukraine who have been impacted by the ongoing conflict, as well as those in our community with family or friends in the country.

The situation is developing very quickly and the humanitarian crisis is growing with large numbers of people needing urgent help.

With regards to providing housing for refugees, the council is committed to providing assistance. Whilst we don’t have any housing stock, we are working with partner organisations to finalise what we can offer.

We are working with our partners to resettle families from Syria and Afghanistan, as well as providing housing for people in our own community when they are in need, and will continue to work with our  partners as a matter of urgency.

The council is also calling on government to provide financial support to Councils to deliver this important work, as budgets are under severe strain.

Residents who wish to help can visit for details of its Ukraine Crisis Appeal.”