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Going wild in June

26 May 2022
Wildflowers growing on the roadside
Wildflowers at Letchworth Gate

North Herts Council is supporting The Wildlife Trusts’ 30 Days Wild campaign which starts on Wednesday, 1 June.

From making and throwing seed bombs to going peat free with your compost to help fight climate change, even helping our endangered hedgehogs by leaving out food and water – there is lots on the list to help you go wild every day in June.

The council already works on a number of ‘wilding’ projects:

  • We have a total of 30 hectares of long-term wild land at Great Ashby District Park, Ivel Springs and Weston Hills in Baldock, Oughtonhead Common and Purwell Meadows in Hitchin, and Langley/Hill End and Barkway Chalk Pits near Royston.
  • We’ve allowed wildflower meadows to establish themselves at sites including Baldock Road Recreation Ground in Letchworth and Walsworth Common in Hitchin.
  • We’ve introduced roadside wildflower beds at sites including Letchworth Gate, along Cambridge Road in Hitchin and along London Road (A10) in Royston.
  • We’re letting some highway verges grow longer and wilder.
  • We’ve decreased the number of bedding plants in the district so around 600 square metres is now turf/shrub, a much more natural and environmentally responsible way to keep greenspace.
  • We’re looking at further wilding around the Twigdens Estate in Royston and other locations.

The UK’s biggest nature challenge is on course for a record-breaking year following an unprecedented number of people signing-up to take part so far. Last year, more than 760,000 took part in the campaign – one participant posted packets of wildflower seeds to their neighbours and another enthusiast crocheted a blanket with 30 different wildlife species – one square a day!

Hedgehog eating

Research shows that people feel happier and healthier from taking part in 30 Days Wild, with positive effects lasting for at least two months afterwards. A survey of last year’s participants also revealed the challenge inspired them to take action:

  • 88% said they were very likely to make their garden more wildlife-friendly after taking part.
  • 74% said they had either already taken action to reduce their carbon footprint, or were very likely to after taking part.

Councillor Steve Jarvis, Executive Member for Environment and Leisure, said: “The natural world is struggling but there are so many things that we can all do to help. Our work in this area is aimed at improving our local biodiversity as this will go some way to remove carbon from the atmosphere and help us fight climate change.

“30 Days Wild is for everyone – all ages and backgrounds – to encourage or simply appreciate wildlife in our own gardens and greenspaces. Please join us and pledge to go wild in June, and the year-round – why not visit one of our wild areas. By taking part you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment, and of course spending time in nature is good for your health and wellbeing.”

Sign up to take part in 30 Days Wild and get inspiration: The Wildlife Trusts