Great Ashby Woodland and District Park

Great Ashby Woodland and District Park is the collective name given to an arc of woodland and green space owned and managed by the Council.

Much of the woodland of Great Ashby is ancient, meaning it has been wooded since at least 1600 AD.

Connecting the ancient woodlands is the District Park, which was created in recent years as an open recreational space for local people. It contains a range of facilities such as:

  • play equipment
  • outdoor gym equipment
  • areas of grassland for informal sports activities
  • picnic tables
  • benches
  • car parking

There are also tree plantations and meadows to provide habitats for wildlife.

Great Ashby Woodland & District Park Greenspace Action Plan 2020 - 2025

A new five year Greenspace Action Plan (GAP) is being produced for Great Ashby Woodland and District Park. This version will include Pryor’s Wood, which has recently returned to NHDC's management.

The briefing document provides an overview of how the GAP will be produced, and sets out how stakeholders can contribute to shaping the plan. GAPs are essentially map-based management plans that provide focus and direction for the running and improvement of open spaces. They provide a clear, logical process to determine the activities that should take place over a stated period of time to achieve the objectives for the site.

The GAP is being produced by the Countryside Management Service (CMS), part of Hertfordshire County Council’s Countryside and Rights of Way Service, on behalf of and in partnership with NHDC. The completed document will inform the management actions to be undertaken over the next five years, commencing in April 2020.

Engaging communities is integral to the production of GAPs, to ensure that stakeholders are fully aware of and able to interact with the plan production process. This briefing document initiates and supports this community engagement.

The engagement period will run from Monday 3 February 2020 to Monday 2 March 2020

We are keen to receive feedback from you on our proposals for the Great Ashby Woodland and District Park Greenspace Action Plan (GAP) 2020-2025.

Please return your comments using the contact details below by Monday 2 March 2020 at the latest.


FAO Richard Young
Countryside Management Service
Environment and Infrastructure Department
County Hall
Pegs Lane
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