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Litter bins trashed in Royston high street

23 November 2021
A spot where one of the bins has been taken
A spot where one of the bins has been taken

Royston residents have been left wondering what is going on after a spate of disappearing bins in the town centre and Garden Walk area.

Street litter bins have been going missing leading residents to think the council has been removing them.

Councillor Carol Stanier, Deputy Executive Member for Recycling and Waste, explained: “We know some residents have been concerned that we are taking the bins away but this is not the case. We seem to be suffering from some anti-social behaviour whereby the bins are being dislodged from their fixings and thrown over hedges and fences, usually at night.

“We have found some of the bins which will be repaired and put back, but we are also taking the opportunity to review if bins are needed in that particular area as well as looking at alternative options so the bins can be more secure. Due to shipping delays we are struggling to get replacement parts, so we may have to temporarily remove the bin bases where these are being used to dump rubbish or are causing a hazard.”

Cllr Amy Allen, Executive Member for Recycling and Waste, added: “Nobody is gaining from this.  It’s mindless vandalism that is costing the council money to investigate and repair or replace the bins which ultimately costs local taxpayers.

“We would rather not have to spend council tax payers’ money on litter at all and encourage residents and visitors to take their rubbish home, particularly while we are working to reinstall bins across the town.”

The council is investigating the matter with local police. If you have any information please get in touch with us online or call on 01462 474000.