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North Herts Council injects nearly £4,000 into vital community projects

North Herts Council is pleased to announce the allocation of £3,807 to three local community groups, following the recommendations made at the Royston Community Forum on 11 June*. These grants aim to support the valuable services these groups provide to the community.

Barkway PreSchool has been awarded £1,218 to purchase sports equipment and iPads. This funding will help enhance the children's physical education by allowing the preschool to have its own sports equipment, supporting the development of gross motor skills and team-building activities. Additionally, the iPads will facilitate the staff in tracking children’s development, ensuring that key learning moments are captured efficiently.

Outside of the Box CIC will receive £1,294 to acquire Mellow Mats and Chromebooks. These sensory mats will create a comfortable and inclusive environment for children and young people with Special Educational Needs (SEN). The Chromebooks will be used for educational and training purposes, including internet safety courses, coding, and CV writing, providing essential support to youngsters and their families.

Royston Swimming Club was awarded £1,295 to fund Swim England coaching courses. This funding is crucial for training new swimming coaches to meet updated Swim England requirements, ensuring the club can continue to operate smoothly and support competitive swimming in the area. The club is dedicated to fostering technical proficiency and competitive spirit among young swimmers.

Jeanette Thompson, North Herts Council’s Service Director for Legal & Community, commented: “These grants are a testament to our commitment to supporting local organisations. By funding these projects, we are investing in the future of our community, helping to enhance educational opportunities, improve wellbeing, and promote healthy lifestyles.”

The next Royston Area Forum will take place on 11 September, offering another opportunity for local groups to seek support.

*Grants are subject to the completion of the necessary formalities.


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