Purwell Meadows


  • On street parking
  • Disabled access
  • Bus stops on Purwell Lane


  • Basketball court
  • Play area (junior)
  • Football pitch
  • Youth shelter
  • Dog walking
  • Water Voles at Purwell Ninesprings
  • All sports pitches need to be pre-booked through John O'Conner


Purwell Meadows is a mixture of meadow land with additional features such as a play area, youth shelter with adjacent basketball pitch and football pitches. The River Purwell flows through the area joining the River Hiz further downstream in Walsworth. If you are lucky, you may spot Kingfishers which are native to the area.


If you want to find out how you can get involved in keeping this natural habitat special visit the Countryside Management Service website or contact the Friends of Purwell Valley.