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Save on fuel bills this winter, and make your home warmer and greener

24 November 2021

Want to be warmer in your home? And help fight climate change by lowering your carbon emissions?

You could do both and save money on your energy bills by checking if you are eligible for the Warmworks scheme, you just need to complete a short survey online.

Eligible householders can increase the comfort and warmth of their home through various funded improvements. The scheme offers a wide range of insulation measures and renewable heating technologies including:

  • wall, loft and hot water tank insulation
  • double/triple glazing to replace single glazing
  • energy-efficient doors
  • air source, ground source, and hybrid heat pumps
  • biomass boilers
  • thermostats and heating controls.

Financed by the Government, the scheme is open to homeowners, private tenants and people in social rented accommodation, where the home has a low energy rating and a low annual income.

Councillor Gary Grindal, Executive Member for Housing and Environmental Health, said: “As we move into winter and we start to depend on our heating systems more, we know there are those on a low income that will struggle to cover the cost of heating their homes – they could benefit greatly from this scheme at a time when we are seeing rising energy bills. We also know that cold homes can be a factor in winter illnesses, so it is vitally important that you check to see if you are eligible for a grant under the Warmworks scheme.

“Getting improvements installed through the scheme will reduce your energy bills and help keep your home warm as well as reduce your carbon footprint which in turn will help tackle climate change.

“It takes just a few minutes to complete the short survey and I urge as many individuals, couples or families to come forward to check if they are eligible for a grant under the scheme.”

After you have completed a short online survey, Warmworks will let you know if you are eligible for the scheme.  They will then arrange an assessment of your home to agree the work that can be carried out. An accredited and registered sub-contractor will complete the installation of the agreed heating and energy-efficiency measures, before an independent inspection reviews the completed work against rigorous quality standards. Where required, Warmworks can also arrange a full annual service to be completed 12 months later.

Ross Armstrong, Warmworks Managing Director, said: “Warmworks has a strong track record of delivering schemes that have helped more than 25,000 households across the UK to improve the heating in their homes, and be happier, healthier and more comfortable in them.

“Not only do the funded energy efficiency measures that the scheme provides give local people an opportunity to reduce their carbon emissions and support the transition to net zero, but as the colder weather hits, one of the most important benefits we can offer through the scheme is to help people feel warmer, healthier and happier in their homes during these winter months.”

Please note, the replacement or repair of fossil fuel heating systems, such as gas, oil, and LPG boilers, is not available under this scheme.

Find out if you are eligible for Warmworks by completing a short survey.

For more information call 0808 196 8255.

Warmworks is the Managing Agent of the Green Homes Grant Scheme which is funded by the UK Government.  They work on behalf of local authorities across Hertfordshire, Essex, Buckinghamshire and selected areas of London. Warmworks is a joint venture between the Energy Saving Trust, Everwarm and Changeworks.

Scam warning: Please be cautious if you receive any phone calls, texts, emails or doorstep calls from any traders presenting themselves to you. Our contractors may approach you if they think you are eligible, but they won’t make you sign anything on the spot. You can then contact the provider or the council to check the details. Trading Standards advise not to do business at the door and don’t be rushed into making a decision, ensure you are satisfied they are legitimate.