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Save up to £70 on energy

HEAT app on tablet

With energy prices surging, download the Herts Energy Advice Tool aka HEAT app to see how you can save energy and up to £70 a year on your fuel bills.

Launched this year, this easy-to-use energy saving app is for all Hertfordshire residents and available for free from Apple and Android app stores for your phone or tablet. The app is designed to take you through your home, room by room, to answer questions to identify how you may be able to reduce your energy use, and in turn save you money.

Jeanette Thompson, Legal and Community Service Director, explained: "The app gives you a virtual tour around a typical home, asking questions and giving advice along the way. Based on your answers, quick, easy, low or no-cost suggestions will help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint which will help fight climate change.

"As part of the Hertfordshire Climate Change and Sustainability Partnership (HCCSP) we are among the first councils in the UK to partner with the Energy Saving Trust on this app, the UK’s leading trusted expert organisation regarding home energy. The average potential saving from using the app is £70 a year which is especially good news as energy prices are about to rocket."

HEAT app screen shot example
The HEAT app is best used in landscape mode

Search for 'Herts HEAT' in your app store or:  

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