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St Mary’s tree replaced

The new tree at St Mary's with the river in the background

A new weeping willow has been planted (18 January) to replace the large tree which fell over in Hitchin’s St Mary’s churchyard last year.

The council provides grounds maintenance for the churchyard and has been working on a suitable replacement with the church and local people. Different options have been considered, including allowing the stump to re-shoot, but it was collectively decided that the best, safest and most practicable option was to completely remove the tree, and plant another in its place.

Sarah Kingsley, Place Director, said: “It was obviously sad to see such a prominent tree fall but we have done all we can to ensure that the new young specimen tree will be quick to establish and grow to a similar prominence.

“Part of the old trunk is already being used as a bench and reminder of such a prominent and attractive tree.”

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