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Assets of Community Value

The Assets of Community Value (ACV) Regulations allow community groups to ask their local council to list land or property that they think further the social interests or social wellbeing of the local area. The types of property that could be listed includes

  • pubs
  • shops
  • community facilities
  • areas of open space

If we agree with the application then we will publish it on a List of Assets of Community Value on our website, and it will remain listed for five years (unless there is a change in circumstances).

During that period, if the owner wants to sell the property then they must notify us. We will then inform the relevant community group. If the community group is interested in buying the property, then they can trigger a six-month period during which the owner can only sell it to a community group. The property owner is not required to sell to the community group and can just wait until the six-month period has elapsed.

An ACV listing does not stop the owner changing the use of the property, but the listing may be considered in deciding a planning application.

The following pages go through the process in more detail. The government have produced an advice note for councils:

You may also want to read the relevant legislation, including the Localism Act 2011 and the Assets of Community Value Regulations 2012.

  1. Make an application
  2. Decisions on applications - including list of properties that have been listed, are being considered and those that have not been listed.
  3. What happens after the ACV is listed
  4. What happens if the owner wants to sell an ACV

Contact details

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