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Decisions on Assets of Community Value

When we receive an application form, the first thing we will do is make sure that it is completed correctly. We will contact you if there are any issues. You will be given a chance to provide additional information or resubmit.

Who we notify

Once we have a valid application, we will notify the following:

  • the parish council where relevant, and if not nominated by the parish council
  • the owner of the property (using the contact details from the Land Registry)
  • any tenant or occupier of the property (using the contact details from the Land Registry or provided by the applicant)

They will all be provided with a copy of the application form (excluding any personal details) and be given a chance to comment on the application.

When we make a decision

Within eight weeks of receiving a valid nomination we will make a decision on whether the property should be listed. During this period nominated properties will appear on the Awaiting Decision list.

If the property is listed it will appear on the Successful Application list. If the application is unsuccessful it will appear on the Unsuccessful Application list.

We will write to all those mentioned above to let them know the decision that has been made and why.

If the property is not listed, there is nothing to stop a local group from making another application. However we will not consider a repeat application unless it clearly addresses the reasons that the property was not listed initially.

Successful applications

Unsuccessful applications

Applications awaiting a decision