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Burymead Springs

Nature Reserve

Burymead Springs is a site of around 2.5 hectares (6.2 acres) on the northern edge of Hitchin, owned by us and managed by us in partnership with CMS. It is designated as Green Belt land, and lies within a larger Local Wildlife Site, Cadwell Marsh and Burymead Springs.

Burymead Springs is part of an ancient riverside meadow which stretches along the rivers Purwell and Hiz through Hitchin and encompasses three other sites: Purwell Meadows, Walsworth Common and Cadwell Lane Playing Field.

It currently supports a wide variety of semi-natural habitats, considering its small size and low key recreational use.

Greenspace Action Plan

We are working in partnership with the Countryside Management Service (CMS) to draw up new Greenspace Action Plans (GAPs) for two neighbouring sites in Hitchin: Walsworth Common; and Burymead Springs and Cadwell Lane Playing Field.

As part of the GAP production process, we are running two periods of engagement with stakeholders and the local community. The second stage of engagement on draft GAPs for both sites will run until Wednesday 28 February 2024. You can download the draft GAPs below which describe in detail our plans for the management of the sites over the next five years.

At the end of this second phase, the GAPs will be finalised and actions to deliver the plans will begin.

If you have any questions or would like to comment on the draft GAPs, contact Andrew Taylor: or 01992 556063.


Cadwell Lane,
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