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Community Safety Action Plan

Agencies with a responsibility for community safety are required by The Crime and Disorder Act 1998 to share information and work together to address crime and disorder. This includes publishing a strategy for the reduction of crime and disorder in their area.

The North Hertfordshire Community Safety Partnership (NHCSP) develops an annual plan which addresses our strategic priorities each year. This is called the North Hertfordshire Community Safety Action Plan (NHCSAP).

The NHCSAP for 2022-23 is attached below. It contains a summary of the objectives the partnership aimed to achieve and the timescales for completion.

The strategic priorities for 2022-23 are:

  • Anti-Social Behaviour (inc. criminal damage, deliberate fires and environmental crime, vehicle ASB- speeding): the NHCSP will continue to work together to reduce all elements of anti-social behaviour and criminal damage across the district
  • Violence Against Women and Girls (inc. domestic abuse, rape, serious sexual offences and stalking): the NHCSP will work together to prevent, deter and tackle Violence Against Women and Girls in North Herts.
  • Violence (inc. night-time economy crime, domestic abuse, gangs and county lines and substance misuse): the NHCSP will work together to tackle violent crime trends within the district
  • JAG Priority: Protecting Vulnerable People. PCC Policy Area: Putting Victims at the Centre (hate crime, domestic abuse), Building on Success (crime prevention, tackling fraud and scams, modern day slavery and human trafficking), Offender Pays (bringing offenders to justice)