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District Local Plan No.2 With Alterations

This page gives information on the 1996 Local Plan which is currently being used for determining planning applications. Work is underway in preparing a new Local Plan to replace the 1996 document.

Saved Policies

Since 1996, the district's planning policies have been contained in the District Local Plan No.2 with Alterations. Under the Planning & Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, those policies expired on 27 September 2007, except for those which were given permission from the Secretary of State to endure beyond this date. That permission has been granted in respect of 33 of the policies. A reduced version of the written statement to just include those parts which are saved is below.

Saved Local Plan September 2007 (333 KB)

Following the publication of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) in March 2012, policies in the Local Plan need to be considered alongside those of the NPPF. Policies which are inconsistent with the NPPF will have less weight applied to them. The Council believes that most policies in the Local Plan remain broadly consistent with the NPPF and therefore still have significant weight in determining applications.  There are four particular policies where the Council has identified an inconsistency between the Local Plan and the NPPF:

  • Policy 6 on development in rural areas beyond the green belt: the NPPF is more permissive of rural businesses being allowed to grow.
  • Policy 25 on the re-use of rural buildings: NPPF effectively contains its own policy on this subject.
  • Policy 26 on housing provision: the overall housing target is no longer relevant.
  • Policy 36 on employment provision: the policy is broadly consistent with the NPPF, with the notable exception that the NPPF allows for the loss of designated employment land where there is no reasonable prospect of the site being used for the allocated employment use.